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“ With Effectlys approach to customer centricity and the voice of the customer, we work with both the customer, employees and the technology to achieve results.“
Fredrik Kullberg,
Chief Marketing Officer
Apotek Hjärtat

Effectly is leading the charge towards customer centricity in the nordics, as recognized by:

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About Effectly

Effectly applies the latest in customer-experience research and technology to help mid to large-sized companies align their entire organization with their customers.

By combining advanced customer-experience software, built on top of award winning cloud platform, Success Advisors that help you set and reach your goals, and a Program Support team to take care of the day-to-day tasks - Effectly ensures your transformation into a customer-centric organization is a lasting one.

Effectly’s customer-experience products and services are the most comprehensive in the industry - including rapid voice-to-text transcription and analysis across every touchpoint, custom dashboards and reports that provide actionable insight into customers and employees, the ability to respond to customer feedback in real time, a review platform that boosts your organization’s average ratings and more.