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We have a variety of information – from educational information on how to use Net Promoter to drive Business Growth that can change the outcomes of your business to how to get started with Effectly and our 1 hour free consultation. We are always adding new resources and content so bookmark this page and check back often.

5 Steps to building a powerful Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program done right can do more than just improve customer loyalty; it can also halt an exodus of defecting customers, improve referenceability, and, in general, help you create a profitable culture of customer obsession and love.

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How to Use Net Promoter to Drive Business Growth

The Net Promoter system has become the industry standard customer loyaltymeasurement. Businesses see customer experience as an imperative. Do you?.

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The ROI of Net Promoter System

Net Promoter System has become the industry standard customer loyaltymeasurement. This e-Book gives you insights of how a Focus on Customer Loyalty Delivers Financial Gains

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The 5 step Customer Journey Mapping Checklist.

Kickstart your Customer Journey Process with this five step approach to Customer Journey-based transformation.

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The Future of marketing 2016 - by Salesforce

In 2015 Salesforce asked 5000 B2B and B2C a big question: "What is the biggest problem marketers face?"

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The biggest Customer Experience Challenges in Retail 2017-18 and how to overcome them.

The challenges facing CX practitioners in the retail industry range from industry-specific obstacles, such as bricks and mortar vs online, to those that affect the entire customer experience market, such as achieving cross-sector and company wide customer- centricity.

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Learn how to improve your Customer Experience to drive more engagement and sales

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The Global State of Customer Experience 2016

CX remains a primary point of reference for business strategy as companies seek to compete and win on the strength of customer experiences: expectations are increasing while their patience for poor experiences wanes.

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The Evolution of Customer Experience in 2015

The Key Trends, Challenges and Investments From the Last 12 Months and How ey Will Shape the Customer Experience Landscape in 2016.

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