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The Experience GAP

Let´s talk about Experience management. Joakim will partner with you to create an engaging and dynamic conversation with your team or audience. His presentations share his latest thinking on the very hot Experience Management theme, where customer- , employee-, product- and brand experience topics provide tangible takeaways for immediate action from the audience. Like how emotions affect customer purchase decisions and why you should care.

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CX Economics

CX Leaders outperforms CX Laggards when it comes to Topline Growth and Bottomline results regarding to Forrester Research. Has customer experience, therefore, become the top strategic imperative for today’s leading executives and brands?

Brand Promises

If there is a truth that it is the sum of communication and behavior, or rather the interaction between those who create your brand? How can your CX really deliver on the explicit and implicit expectations set by your brand and marketing communications?

Innovate with CX

It’s about unleashing people to experiment, think differently, try new things, and fail fast. What will new ways of thinking and working help you intentionally create the experiences your customers truly need and desire?

X-data and O-Data

How can you take the decision that is made with hard empirical evidence and not speculation or gut feel? How can you combine the right types of data—at the right time—This is the story about X-Data and O-Data and how to deliver amazing employee-, customer-, product- and brand experiences.

Journey and Empathy Mapping

Experience design always starts with a deep knowledge of what the customer tries to do. How can you use stories to visualize your customers’ pain points, delights, and true empathy maps to drive organizational alignment?

Beyond CX Trends

How will the new era of behavioral economics and the latest brain research together with new tech platforms redefine your customers’ expectations for your brand?

The Future of CX

How will brands’ way of emotionally connect with consumers change over the next 5 to 10 years—and what will you do now to strengthen your skills in this area?


Are there some unique challenges that business-to-business companies face when working with emotions in business and developing the customer experience? Or is it just H2H – Human to human? If so, what are the behaviors that will drive the right emotions?


How will the new trends for business-to-consumer companies leverage to increase customer engagement and long-term loyalty? Is there special skills to manage employees in the new era of engagement?

Gartner – 91% of all marketers intend to compete with customer experience as the most important initiative for the next two years.

More than 90 percent of all purchase decisions are taken unconsciously and not on logical and conscious reasons. How do you ensure your customers' emotions about your brand in all touchpoint through customer journey? 

What's really the difference that makes a difference, where the customer pays more, stay with you longer and recommends your brand to friends and colleagues?" 

Take a chance to meet and listen to Joakim Thörn, one of Sweden's foremost specialists in the field, Customer Experience. 

Joakim is a sought-after speaker and C-level advisor and we can announce an exciting and insightful speech with a topic that is super hot!


Kerstin Ellerberg Hassel, SAS Eurobonus

"A very interesting lecture focusing on the most important thing we have, the customer! Joakim Thörn unequivocally highlighted the importance of moving from product focus to experience to get customers who stay longer, buy more and recommend us. An expression I stuck in particular for where "no one owns the customer, but everyone owns the customer experience."


Charlotte Oskarsson, Atlas Copco

”Very inspiring lecture and valuable time to meet colleagues. It makes sense to feel involved and that you are not alone on this trip. I gained insights into credibility gaps, the shift of power to the customer and the importance of everyone having the customer experience.

Andreas Glans,    ÅF

”Joakim Thörn gave a speech and concept that one can really work with. I stuck to the conversation that the customer experience is mainly determined by the best, the worst and the last experience.”


Ann Keve Isaksson, EGN

”Joakim is energy rich and reproduces stories and research on the importance of customer experiences in a very inspiring way. I highly recommend Joakim as a lecturer and inspirator to your event or management team, this is the future”


"Joakim Thörn inspire to action"




4.65 in average grade on performance and content



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