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Act - Employee Engagement

Uncover the key drivers of employee satisfaction and loyalty in your organization to create an environment they love and can thrive within.


1. Boost employee engagement with open communication

Keep your finger on the pulse of your employees’ feelings about their work and make improvements based on current employee satisfaction data. When employees can choose the most convenient way to share their feelings and surveys are short, open-ended, and more frequent - your data is both plentiful and accurate.


2. Optimize employee performance using leadership dashboards

Knowing how your employees are feeling week-to-week and month-to-month, you can identify key drivers for your employees’ satisfaction and tweak your organization’s culture, core values, and management to maximize it before it’s too late. This isn’t possible with long and infrequent employee satisfaction surveys.


3. Recognize & reward your high-performing employees and managers

The Effectly CX 360 HUB´s Wows and Rescues are real-time alerts that tell you which employees are providing both positive and less-than-stellar customer experiences. This ensures that employees are immediately recognized and rewarded for providing positive customer experiences while negative experiences serve as valuable learning opportunities.


Sky Rocket Sales

In our efforts to become a value-driven company that listens to our customers and employees stories in real-time, Effectly and their customer centricity initiatives together with the Effectly CX 360 Hub, have been a great success for us then we skyrocket our sales.”
Ulrika Gradén - CEO, Gradén Mattsson AB / Comviq Mission Center
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