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Understand - Decode The Data

Surface and gain a deep understanding of the most important customer stories from all of your data sources.


1. Transcribe 100 hours of customer calls in 1 minute

The Effectly CX 360 Hub´s advanced text analytics platform is a custom CX layer built on top of an award winning Natural Language Processor (NLP) that will save you both time and money. With the built-in speech to text engine, you can transcribe thousands of recorded voice calls every single day or live calls in real-time.


2. Make sense of your BIG customer data

The Effectly CX 360 Hub´s analytics do more than transcribe voice into text - it pulls out key insights automatically. To understand each call and open ended text comment, the CX 360 HUB analyzes stories in their entirety for over 100 languages and listens to each caller’s tone and pitch to determine the emotion behind each comment.


3. Use verified and cleansed data to make decisions

Be confident in the decisions you make knowing that each customer data point is verified and cleansed. The Effectly CX 360 Hub´s first line of defence is detecting responses that are fraudulent. Then, it compares each customer’s responses to the rest of your data and flags any responses that are beyond normal patterns and trends.


4. Know which touchpoints require immediate attention

The Effectly CX 360 HUB´s CX Analyst Tool tells customer-retention teams how every customer touchpoint is performing, who your most valuable at-risk customers are, and how much revenue is at risk if you don’t take action - in real time. This insight focuses your retention-team’s effort on high-impact activities.


Sky Rocket Sales

“In our efforts to become a value-driven company that listens to our customers and employees stories in real-time, Effectly and their customer centricity initiatives together with the Effectly CX 360 Hub, have been a great success for us then we skyrocket our sales.”
Ulrika Gradén - CEO , Gradén Mattsson AB / Comviq Mission Center
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