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People - Your Expert Team

Get the expert guidance you need to make impactful and long-lasting improvements to your organization’s core values, culture, and processes.


1. A CX Success Advisor helps form your CX strategy

Making the transformation into a customer-centric organization requires more than a piece of software - it requires a dramatic and lasting change to your organization’s core values. Your CX Success Advisor is with you every step of the way, from program strategy and multi-channel experience design, to helping you create and execute on your CX-related goals.


2. We implement & administer your Effectly CX 360 Hub

Effectly’s experts work with your leadership team to tailor the CX 360 Hub to your organization’s structure and needs. They’ll set up the dashboards, feedback channels, text analytics keywords & tags you need to stay informed and run the reports required to quantify your efforts and inform important decisions. You reap the rewards of the CX 360 Hub without the day-to-day hassle.


3. Get custom Executive Reviews 

Every quarter, Effectly will give a detailed 50-slide presentation to help your executive team focus on the right objectives to maximize results. A key piece of the report draws from our Linkage Analysis from thousands of data points to determine whether reducing the number of low scores or increasing the number of high scores will have the most impact on your bottom line for loyal customers that.


4. Your Program Support Team is available everyday

Get access to a team of experts that make sure you reap the rewards of using the Effectly CX 360 Hub without spending a lot of resources supporting your CX 360 Hub. Depending on your needs, they may help you with setting up and running custom reports, interpreting the results of your reports and suggesting next steps, and participating in the ongoing evaluation and adjustments that are required as you learn more about your employees and customers.

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5. Get a 7-step program designed just for you

This is a custom 7-step program designed to rally your troops and align your entire organization with the needs and wants of your most valuable customers. First, we’ll evaluate your current level of customer-centricity across four categories to discover where we can have the greatest impact. Then, we’ll ensure every executive, manager, employee and process is working towards improving the customer experience and inspiring new levels of brand loyalty with tailored workshops, seminars, and hands-on coaching. This program is optional.


Sky Rocked Sales

“In our efforts to become a value-driven company that listens to our customers and employees stories in real-time, Effectly and their customer centricity initiatives together with the Effectly CX 360 Hub, have been a great success for us then we skyrocket our sales.”
Ulrika Gradén, CEO, Gradén Mattsson AB / Comviq Mission Center
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