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Listen - Collect Stories

Dramatically improve the quality and depth of your customer data by empowering your customers to tell their stories however and wherever they feel most comfortable.


1. Resolve customer issues quickly and effectively

Effectly Text Analytics Listening Suite gets to the heart of every customer’s issue. First, it encourages your customers to provide detailed feedback. Then, it asks targeted drill-down questions to help you understand their issues in detail. Now, finding a resolution and making them a fan is easy.


2. Know what customers say when you’re not around

Your customers tell their most meaningful stories via social media and review websites when they think you’re not listening. The Effectly CX 360 Hub scrapes these platforms and websites, then combines these social stories with the rest of your feedback to give you 360 degree insight into your customers’ experiences with your brand.


3. Collect rich data across every customer touchpoint

Most companies have 80+ customer touchpoints but collect feedback from only a few using simple surveys. The Effectly CX 360 Hub makes it convenient for your customers to tell their detailed stories across all devices, platforms, and touchpoints. This ensures higher response rates, richer data, and actionable insights.


4. Discover correlations between stories & behavior

Bring your customers’ stories across devices, platforms, and touchpoints together in one place. Then, the Effectly CX 360 Hub ties your transactional data to your customers’ stories, uncovering important correlations that tell you where to focus your CX efforts for maximum impact.


Sky Rocket Sales

“In our efforts to become a value-driven company that listens to our customers and employees stories in real-time, Effectly and their customer centricity initiatives together with the Effectly CX 360 Hub, have been a great success for us then we skyrocket our sales.”
Ulrika Gradén, CEO, Gradén Mattsson AB / Comviq CMC
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