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Act - Dashboards & Reports

Eliminate the guesswork from your CX transformation program with a suite of detailed and interactive dashboards and reports.


1. Act on customer insights faster with role-specific reports

From your executive team to your front-store managers, The Effectly CX 360 Hub provides role-specific reports that only contain the data each team member needs to excel in their role.

Each report is interactive, allowing for deep dives into the data, pulling out specific customer insights, and taking action more quickly.


2. Get the right person to respond to every customer issue

The Effectly CX 360 Hub´s Occurrence Management tools ensure every customer complaint and issue is forwarded to the correct employee to find a resolution. If a response isn’t provided quickly enough, CX 360 Hub will automatically escalate the issue to the appropriate person, guaranteeing the fastest resolution possible.


3. Ensure local managers respond to location-based stories

With Effectly CX 360 Hub´s Location-Based Stories, you can tie every employee mention, case, and customer story to its corresponding physical location, ensuring a local manager can respond. Using GPS, RFID, iBeacon technology, and mobile apps - The CX 360 Hub lets you have meaningful interactions with customers and non-customers alike across touchpoints.


4. Quantify the results of your CX program with dashboards

The Effectly CX 360 Hub Dashboards display all of your customer-experience metrics in one organized place. Your leadership team will always have an easy-to-consume birds eye view of the impact your customer-experience efforts are having. Behind every data point on your dashboards are customer stories that you can access and filter with the click of a button.


Sky Rocket Sales

“In our efforts to become a value-driven company that listens to our customers and employees stories in real-time, Effectly and their customer centricity initiatives together with the Effectly CX 360 Hub, have been a great success for us then we skyrocket our sales.”
Ulrika Gradén - CEO, Gradén Mattsson AB / Comviq Mission Center
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