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Effectly CX & Loyalty Workshop

Harness the power of customer emotions and feelings to improve customer experience at each touchpoint. This is a full-day workshop designed to show managers and employees how to implement processes to better understand and cater to customer emotions at every touchpoint - today. The result is an increase in customer loyalty and profitability across touchpoints.

Starting from: € 10,500 (team of 3 facilitators)  Get a price quote





Understand your customer is key to succéss

"Working with Customer Experience, and to identify and understand all the contacts and what feelings we create within our customers is the key to a good customer experience. It always turns out to have more customer contacts than you think, and each creates different high customer value. Making a Customer Journey Mapping was extremely useful to understand where in the process we were strong or weak. Without this understanding, it becomes difficult to prioritize what changes you can or should focus on "
Åsa Ferm, Business Line Manager - IKANO Bank AB
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