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Effectly CX Grader

The perfect start - discover your organization’s current level of customer-centricity and areas that need improvement.
A 20-statement assessment completed by your organization’s leaders uncovers your current levels of customer centricity across 4 key areas: Core Values and Your WHY, Customer Empathy, Convincing Brand Values, and Employee Engagement. At the end, you will receive a detailed customer-centricity report and score.

Starting from: Free of charge when you order online today (valued at € 2,000)  

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20 statements for managers with a self-assessment of the current state of customer centricity.


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CX Grader was an eye opener

"When customers make new demands in a multi-channel world, with many touchpoints that can affect our brand, the insights from Effectlys CX Grader was very valuable to us in our strategy work. It allows us to be a more customer-centric company in the High Fasion industry"
Susanne Ekendahl Weisten, VP of Sales - Filippa K
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