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Effectly XM Transformation Program

A Experience Management framework and playbook designed to help you understand, align with, and consistently exceed your employees and ideal customer’s needs and wants.

The Effectly XM Transformation Program, based on our framework of 7 competencies of customer experience, with insights from more than 15 years of research from leading institutes such as Forrester Research, Temkin Group, and the Customer Experience Professional Association, and millions of real customer stories. A program that ensures that your customers want to pay more, stay longer and recommend your brand to friends, family and colleagues.




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Buyer Personas and Customer Journey Mapping

Collaboration with Effectly has been very iterative, I've got a commitment from Effectly who has helped me in my internal journey too, it's hard to stand by myself in such a change, and I've got the support I really need from Effectly , really good!
Mats Linder, CMO, Vattenfall B2B Sales Nordics
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