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The Effectly Culture

Here’s how life at Effectly is...

...what we believe in - what we stand for - who we are.


We work embrace working remotely

You may have heard of Peter Coppinger & Daniel Mackey, the Irish entrepreneurs that started Teamwork back in 2007. They was dreaming of a software system that would basically manage a company remotly, something extremely easy-to-use and generic enough that it could be used by all sorts of companies. They start scribbling ideas on paper...  

We at Effectly have grown our customer centric initiative almost 40% every year by embracing the remote model. And we love it.

The point is, the best talent is not in a single postal code and the best work doesn’t always happen during “regular” working hours, so why limit ourselves?

Fact: this section of the website was written 1000 km from Stockholm at 4:16 pm overlooking a beautifully lit garden and a peaceful lake on a summer evening... and one chilled beer down.

"Every Monday we held a meeting and discussed the current projects - reassigned tasks and set milestones. We maintained a large whiteboard separated into 5 segments - Active Projects. Upcoming Projects, Sales, Meetings and Billing. The whiteboard was neatly organized and gave us a sense that we were organized.... but we weren't. The meetings were taking longer and longer. We knew we needed a better system." 
Peter Coppinger & Daniel Mackey - Founders of teamwork.com

Business Case for working remotely

Here is your formula and framework for transforming your company working remotly: BusinessCase


Google Apps




Zoom Meetings

The good old phone

Tools that make remote work happen

The Effectly office mostly happens in the cloud.  Everybody in our team is welcome to work in any co-working facility nearby or wherever they enjoy working the most.  We do recommend that our team members set up a pretty neat place where they enjoy working everyday. We also regularly do some IRL team gathering, workshops and training in the coolest space ever - GT30 downtown Stockholm. A creative hub in an iconic house.

Effect-ites: Be wherever you are most productive.

What is success?

We measure our success not in terms of size, but in terms of:

a. How truly amazing we feel about the work we do
b. How joyful our clients are after working with us
c. How truly satisfied are we with our own lives

The Effectly Manifesto


Is a way of being...

It isn’t a buzzword.

It’s putting your customer at the center of your business...

for every executive, manager, and employee.

It’s always having your customer in the room...

for every idea, conversation, and decision.

It’s measurable, rewarded, and celebrated…

and this inspires employees to create more WOW moments for your customers.

These WOW moments inspire your customers…

to share their experiences with their friends, family, and professional networks.

And customers who share, care…

and will remain loyal to your brand for years to come.

It’s worth doing really really well - we do it best…

but it isn’t just a piece of software, a consultant, or a single project….

It’s an all or nothing transformation…

Either you’re IN or you’re OUT…

Are you in?

Start your CX Transformation today

Our 10 Core Values of Effectly

Here’s what we live by in our everyday lives at Effectly and what we mainly hire by:

  1. Present - We create mental presence
  2. Humorous - We share humor, joy and laughter
  3. Holistic - We see and understand the importance of the big picture
  4. Innovative - We create the new and throw out the old
  5. Authentic - We believe in our own personality and character
  6. Efficient - We are doing more with less
  7. Creative - We find creative solutions to problems
  8. Experts - We are perceived as experts in our industry
  9. Development - We always embrace the development of a forward-looking movement
  10. Passionate - We express our passion for the job

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“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should
setup a life you don’t need to escape from.”

- Seth Godin