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About Effectly

We are a team of highly committed experience transformation advisors, focused on helping companies and organisations to be more people-centric, to create more wow-moments with loyal employees and customers.

Effectly is recognized as one of the top advisors for experience management and execution in the Nordics. Founded by Joakim Thörn and Maria Thörn in 2012.

Our clients see Effectly as a virtual XM-team of transformers that can effectively translate employee- and customer-centric strategy and loyalty techniques into sustainable growth. It’s better put by one of our recent clients:


“With Effectlys approach to customer centricity and the voice of the customer program, we work with both the customers, employees and the technology to achieve results.”

Fredrik Kullberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Apotek Hjärtat AB 


Our Promise

We will create a people-centric program that focuses the behavior of your organisation to make your employees and customers more loyal that result in:
Customers that pay more, stay longer, and Recommend your company to family and friends.

Our Purpose

Everything we do at Effectly is to inspire and lead people to create passionate and authentic experiences - in every interaction and conversation. The result is a world with more wow moments and happiness.

Our Guarantee

You will experience a smooth well organized process with a team that adds real value at every step. Our framework for quantifiable business case and our recurring monthly reviews, along with that we appoint an effect controller in your organization, is the baseline for consistent success. We will work tirelessly to correct any issue, and exceed the expectations we agreed to. Whatever it takes.

Our Story

Effectly was started in a Stockholm loft by Joakim Thörn & Maria Thörn (husband & wife) while sharing a tiny, tiny white Ikea desk. They started Effectly because they noticed that as far as customer experience was concerned, companies were over promising and under delivering. They knew that meant a lot of unhappy customers and a significant amount of revenue left on the table for companies.

So, they dug into the research from leading institutes such as Forrester Research and Temkin Group to really understand what drives customer and employee loyalty, and why there’s a huge gap between brand promises and what customers actually experience. They discovered that most companies believed using periodic surveys, the odd mystery shopper, and some simple scoring was enough to understand and improve their customers’ and employees’ experiences. This is the dream sold by vendors in the space today after all.

But it’s not enough.
Companies aren’t doing enough to deliver on their brand promise


Because the customer and employee journey is a winding one, and their experiences are as unique as the individuals having them. There needed to be a better way to understand these unique and human stories on a deep level and then act on them in a meaningful way.

By combining their extensive experience in the CX field, years of extensive research, and working closely with companies transforming into customer-centric ones - they devised the optimal way to help companies close the gap between their brand promise and their customer’s experience.

It’s a unique approach that combines hands on help from the Effectly team to get every executive, employee, and touchpoint in line with the customer; a partnership with the award winning provider of the world’s leading customer experience cloud platform; and ongoing support to help positive changes persist into the future.


The results have been remarkable

Highly engaged customers and employees aren’t the result of a few surveys and mystery shoppers. It’s about gaining a deep understanding of the ecosystem your customers live in and every touchpoint they have with your brand. It’s about getting buy-in from everyone in your organization, from your CEO to your customer-facing brand ambassadors - buy-in around the idea that every employee needs to eat, sleep, and breathe customer experience. To get and stay in this place, a profound change is required, and that change is the result of our comprehensive customer-centricity program.”
Joakim Thörn, Effectly Co-Founder & CEO


Year Founded Founded in 2015 by Joakim Thörn and Maria Thörn as a full-service customer experience transformation company. They focus on improving customer and employee engagement to drive loyalty and sustainable growth
Team 4
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Key Recognition ICF ACC Certified
Values Online Certified facilitators 
CXPA Members & Mentors 
Credit rating UC Creditworthy 
Company Focus B2B and high-value B2C; Human-to-human ;-)
What we are known for:

Customer Centric business strategies with Voice of the Customer and Employee and Customer Journey programs.

Understanding the BIG picture of the CX and the EX ecosystem Our team of CX experts that have been executing on comprehensive CX and EX programs for combined 45 years. 

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Our Services

1. Effectly CX Transformation Program:
  Leveraging over combined 45 years of experience in the CX field, we help your company transform into and remain a customer-centric one with a comprehensive and research-backed program. We do this by helping every executive, employee, and customer touchpoint to align with the needs and wants of your customers. The result is a workforce that consistently delivers on your brand promise, inspiring customers to be loyal to and recommend your brand. 

2. Effectly 360 NPX Hub:  What good is a plan if you don’t have the tools to implement it? The Effectly 360 NPX Hub is the tool that makes it possible to execute on your CX Transformation Program. A Voice of the Customer program and the same tool trusted by big brands that you know, to listen to, understand, and act on customer and employee feedback and stories. Your customer and employee stories will quickly become the center of every interaction, meeting, and process within your company. 


Where is Effectly?

We’ve found that the best talent isn’t found in a single postal code, and our increasingly international clientele require a global perspective. From Stockholm to Oslo; from Amsterdam to Piteå, our distributed model brings in the best success advisors, customer engagement transformers and project leaders, wherever they are.

The Effectly team is free from the confines of the cubicle and the stress of lengthy commutes. Instead, they work wherever they can produce their best work.

You get our absolute best without having to pay for our utility bills and fancy offices you’ll never step foot in.

Read more about why Effectly went 100% remote.

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