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A must watch video from the Customer Experience Summit and the CX Talks gathering in Atlanta October 2, 2017. Lior Arrussy from Strativity Group speaks about the elephant in the room when it comes down to Customer Experience initiatives and execution. What can you learn from this? Type your comments and thoughts below and share if you like it. <3


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Here is a full transcript from this 10 minute video and presentation.

Good afternoon. Seriously that's all that's left. And as I just get on the stage and only have to speak for 10 minutes. I freaked out. I mean I've never spoken for 10 minutes. I don't know how to squeeze 10 minutes into what I have to say, so I prepare two presentations. The short one and the longer one so we'll say how far would I go with the presentation. 

Let´s take the NPS-Score down

But I'm going to talk about the question that bothers each and every one of you in the middle of the night because when you do the job as a CX person and you thought it'll be great. It's common sense. It makes sense that no CEO wakes up in the morning says how would I hassle customers today. None of your employees wake up with the notion of "oh I want a really screwed up of people and take the NPS-score down." None of them does it. And somehow we thought it will make sense and I've heard some of you were on the third year of our journey, God knows where that journey is going. And there are a lot of frustrating moments of why aren't we there yet. I mean we spoke to them, we explained to them, we tried them all should we try numbers. We tried all of these things, and they're still not customer-centric. Does that resonate? Yes.


So I'm going to share with you information based on over 200 transformations that we done at Strativy Group we've been in the trenches, and we have one advantage because we are not from the client side. We can tell you the truth, and I'm going to share with you some of those truths that we are facing every day. 

Also as part of our work we own touchpoint dashboard we have over 18000 journey maps on our system probably the largest network and community of journey mappers. So the short answer to that question is nobody wakes up in the morning and say I don't want to do great customer experience. Nobody is saying I'm going to screw it up today with customers.


The real Customer Experience enemy 

Your number one enemy is that people believe that they are doing it already. Each and every one of your employees looking at your NPS scores and saying it's everyone but me, you've got to know that because if you think you're going to educate them about customer experience you're missing the biggest point and the biggest point is the employees think they're already doing it. That's where the challenge starts. That's the short version. 

Let's talk about the longer version of the answer. So I don't know about you but every January I'm going on the scale, I'm staring at the number, and I'm fully committed to making changes in my life. And like others, I'll have the steak, but then I'm going to complement it with diet coke. 

Like it's going to balance it, and then I'm going to park my car at the farter part of the parking lot, so I can walk another ten steps because that's going to make it. And then I'm going to go on the scale again and again and again and again. And by January 30th I've exhausted all possibilities, and I'm back to where I started. And if God forbid that scale company is going to issue a press release that says that I lost weight due to their efforts because they showed me the number.


We are adicted to the scale

It's going to be laughable. But you know exactly where I'm going with it right. Because we got addicted to this scale. If you look at your budgets, find out where the biggest money is going it's going to VoC (Voice of the Customer) work. That tells you the number but the number doesn't change that much, and we got addicted to this scale, and here's the other interesting truth that nobody wants to talk about how many of you received an urgent text from your CEO this morning say what's going on with my NPS when I'm going to get it higher? 

When did you get it for the last time? When did he ever get that text from the CEO? They don't text us about that. You know who they call every morning the V.P. of sales. You know they call every morning the V.P. of operation. You know they call every morning the V.P. of marketing is supposed to get in leads. They don't call the CX guys, we have to beg for attention. 

I saw some of the families how we are begging for some attention I'm trying to do in this story maybe we'll put some sugar on it maybe some Splenda if he's on a diet like let's do something. Guys, he's not calling us because we are missing the mark completely.


Top-line sales and bottom-line proffit

Because no company operates for NPS-scores because there are only two numbers that matter in every company. And you know it, its topline and its bottom line that's it that's all that matters thing.

And your CEO is a chief investment officer, and he or she needs to decide where to put the money.

You're competing against the V.P. of sales are saying give me another 20 people, and I'm going to get you another $20 million. So problem number one is we're not providing a differentiated offering to the company. That's what matters to the company. Not plugging the problems. 

We became complaint management officers, closed-loop management is about complaints. It's about meeting expectations. It's about reaching out to the Joneses. The CEO doesn't care about that. We are a company called us one of the credit card players in the US. They said look we are the worst. We want to become unbid. Can you make us from bad to unbanned? We just want to get lost in the middle. 

A simple calculation demonstrated that if we move 5 percent from detractors and neutrals to promotors, that's worth three hundred million dollars of additional charges here months. And believe me, the whole conversation starts to change. With another pharmaceutical company. A single point of NPS is worth one hundred and three million dollars for a female 35 to 64.


Why you need to differentiate

They changed the conversation, and the next thing we need to do for employees and for customers and for executives is finding out how is CX going to differentiate and affect the top two numbers. The next problem is the promise, we work with a cancer treatment center, and the nurses said to us I'm not going to do emotional engagement I'm not going to engage with the patients because I don't want to go to another funeral. 

They blocked it. They did not see any value whatsoever in delighting their patients because they were protecting themselves. And the question I have to ask you is when you will get to your promised land how would it look like. What is the great vision of CX when you get there because your employees don't know that all you're going with a look at your NPS scores. You suck you suck you suck you suck and eventually they said you know what. Enough is enough we're making our numbers. 

So unless you can go to the CEO or to the employees and say you can make your numbers better more meaningful more purposeful.

You can make it better if you actually do it with customer experience. You need to paint a beautiful vision of the future, and the beautiful vision of the future is now and not another two points on NPS. 

It's not nobody. Nobody wakes up for that. So we need to focus on differentiating, and we need to focus on our promise. The next thing is delivery you know the one thing that your CEO never told you you've never transformed 10000 people you've never broken all the silos. I don't trust you know what you're doing. That's why I'm not giving you the keys to the house. So keep on NPS-ing, keep on doing some you know journey mapping, keep on doing some processing but I don't know that you know how to deliver.


Meet Susie from accounting

And this brings us to the ultimate design element only the design element is what I call "Susie from accounting." Are you designing for Susie from accounting, is Susie going to do something different because every organization and you'll see and knows it, it is the sum total of the thousands of employees who are deciding right now what experience to deliver. 

They'll decide if to smile or not. Not your new five acronym message, not your new poster or if they feel like it, if they are driven, if they are motivated, they will do it. But then the question is how do we make them want to do it. The issue is not the number guys. The issue is volunteering with a volunteer. 

Mark mentioned earlier you wanted to get the Mercedes-Benz people here, but they wouldn't make it. Harry Hynek could´t make it, but he tried, by the way, but we are the ones who did the project, and I want to tell you one thing about it you can read all about it in derivative delight. The book was written citing our work but here's what I want you to know. From the moment Mercedes sign the project to the point that we finish the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the customer experience and the employee experience, program design, program testing and pilot and sustainability program design was 51 days.


Fast execution is the key to show proof-of-concept and results 

In 51 days we were out there rolling out because Mercedes did not have the time to wait. And the reason why I'm sharing it with you is because no CEO wants to hear a multi-year journey. You might as well say forget about me give your money to the quarterly results that you can get. They are not going to sign up for that.

So we need to think about our delivery in a different way. And the last thing is consistency. It's one thing to launch it with the magnet and the T-shirt and the posters and the beautiful pictures, and you're the stage. It's a beautiful opportunity for me coming in saying come on come on. Finish it up. Give me the T-shirts I need one for my daughter and let's get out of here. 

Because we did not go to Susie from accounting and ask Susie what is stopping you. Why aren't you doing it already? And then is the real question why aren't they doing it because it makes sense. Because if the customer were their mother, they would have done it.

But they're not doing it for the rest of them. There is the real question. You see the problem is that we are designing for customers and we're designing for the C-suite when others are earning for Suzy from accounting.


Why authenticity is key

We're not designing too where experience really resides in the convictions and the confidence of the employees. We come to them too late and we don't engage them early enough to understand. How do I mobilize millions of decisions because there is no money in the world and there is no budget in the world that you can make an employee smile sincerely you can pay them to smell that sincerely. Sincerely is a personal choice. Just see what happened. The last flight that you boarded. You know exactly what I'm talking about. So the essence of it is quite simple guys differentiate and promise delivered consistently. 

That is our challenge. If we got the courage to lift ourself up from what we do right now to the real two numbers it matters the most of the company. That's when we have a chance of actually transforming. It's actually not that difficult as long as we are willing to own the numbers that the CEO cares about the numbers of the employees care about.

And then the rest will work itself up. Thank you very much.


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