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Outside-In vs. Inside-Out Thinking

In the world of customer experience, what's the difference between outside-in and inside-out? 

Should You Invest in Customer Experience?

ROI is still our favorite "three-letter word." Nothing wrong with that!

The Elusive ROI of Customer Experience

Have you been able to prove the ROI of focusing on the customer experience to your executives?  

The Economics of the Customer Experience

Not all returns from your customer experience investments are financial. Will that scare your execut...

Validating Your Journey Maps for #CX Design Success

  In a post from last week, I wrote about the most-basic and most-important rule of customer journey...

The Most Important Rule of Journey Mapping

Creating a customer journey map is an important first step when it comes to your customer experience...

5 Myths of Journey Mapping

Journey maps are a catalyst for change. But only when done right!

How to create a better Customer (and) Employee Experience - By Shep Hyken

Last year in October I attended in the National Customer Service Week in the UK, it was October 6 an...