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How to Drive Customer-Centric Culture

Here is another video from the Customer Experience Summit and the CX Talks gathering in Atlanta Octo...

Can't Get to Future State without Knowing Current State

  As part of your journey mapping efforts, you’ll likely (well, need to) create two types of maps:

Validating Your Journey Maps for #CX Design Success

  In a post from last week, I wrote about the most-basic and most-important rule of customer journey...

The Most Important Rule of Journey Mapping

Creating a customer journey map is an important first step when it comes to your customer experience...

6 Bonus Myths of Journey Mapping

Get the journey mapping process right, and you'll reap the rewards for a long time to come!

The Business Impact Of Customer Experience: Finding a Disciplined Solution With the NPS Program

Customers might seem easy to figure out, though they're far more complex than you've perhaps estimat...

The Customer Experience: It's A Journey Not A Moment