Micco Grönholm
Brand Strategist, International Marketing

I am a brand developer with international marketing specialty. For 25 years, I have helped companies in Sweden and abroad to find a true purpose, an inspiring vision, a distinctive customer offering and a magical attraction.

Since September 2013 I am communications director for the city of Helsingborg. Before that, I was co-owner and Director of Brand Development at the Helsingborg-based Pyramid Communication.

During the second half of the 1990s (then as Creative Director at Pyramid), I was responsible for creating and launching the brand Bluetooth globally. I have also worked with brands such as Axis, Converse, Ericsson, Bring, Cramo, Sandvik, Inter Ikea, Metso, NIBE, Peab, Svanen (Ecolabel Sweden) and the Swedish Space Corporation.

In the early 2000s, I was Global Marketing Director of Anoto, with the task of making Anoto to a de-facto standard for digital pen and paper. After Anoto I eg worked as an office manager and strategist at Sandberg Trygg in Malmö as well as vice president and brand leader in ID Communications. I returned to the Pyramid in September 2007, and has since then including responsible for vision and the brand framwork andthe creation of a new American listed company (listed on NYSE), JBT Corporation.

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