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Maria Thörn
Co-founder, Customer Engagement Advisor

Take a first meeting with me? You can easily see my real-time availability and schedule time directly in my calendar, or give me a call on +46 70 316 04 25

1. So in plain language, what do you do exactly?

I’m a Customer Engagement Advisor for every company that has decided to do a big change to become more customer-centered. Simply put: I help them to understand customer and employee feedback and turn them into action. You could say that I coach managers in efforts to transform customer feedback stories into valuable daily actions. I’m responsible for and carry out customer experience program in workshops, in train-the-trainer sessions and I do important follow-up in the monthly success meetings. I will ensure that we work with the customer as we decided to be implemented and followed up gets done on time and with quality. I also facilitating workshops in Customer Journey Mapping..

2. Ok sounds cool, so now I'd like you to impress me with your expertise.

From the day I started Effectly along with Joakim, my higher purpose has been to inspire and lead people to create passionate and authentic experiences in all interactions and conversations. I want to create more wow moments and happiness in the world and reduce effort, anxiety and frustration for people. Today there is a huge gap between what companies promise and what the customer actually experience. Exactly that gap, I want to reduce.

Before the start of Effectly I was a traveller in the art of Customer Experience across the Nordic region where I have helped companies become more customer-centered. Companies in various industries such as banks, insurance companies, telco companies, retail. Different industries, but the same challenges. I am a certified coach and has a diploma in DISC analysis and also to conduct valuation work.

Before I started to travel I was a Contact Center Manager for over ten years, learning everything there is to know about customer service and call center management.

3. When you're not working, what do you like to do?
You can call me “The running woman”. I love running marathon and do Strength Training. I´m also passionate about reading and listening to Audio Books. Always eager to learn more about leadership, behavior and drivers, values and beliefs. My family and friends means the world for me and I always looking for new friends to get to know. I love to visit new warm places and have new experiences all around the globe.

4. Tell us who do you learn from/follow/admire professionally or personally and why?
My one and only mentor is Robin Sharma. One of the Worlds Most Trusted Leadership Advisors. He wants to change the world with the” Lead without a title” vision. I really like that kind of movement. He is a true inspirer and a thought leader in the world today.

I´m a big fan of Madonna. I get inspired by her ability to drive change and always stay ahead in the music industry, year after year. She always have a clear message to women: Stay strong!

I also admire Simon Sinek and I learn a lot from his bestseller book “Start with Why” and his process for “Why discover”, that we also work with. His model is easy to understand and use. I feel very inspired every time I read his books and see his videos.

5. Anything else you'd like me to know?
I´m very into spirits, meditation and yin yoga. I believe that the mind and the body always have to be in harmony and balance so that we can be truly happy. I believe we are one with the universe and everything is energy. My mantra is: See it, believe it, receive it.