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Jerry Nilsson
Sr. Project leader, Integration specialist

1. So in plain language, what do you do exactly?

As a Sr. Project leader and integrations specialist I help my customers to handle their Contact Center more efficient from an customer experience perspective. For example it´s about which calls should be handled by an agent or should be handled by automation. I also help customers with their integrations of VoC, IVR-solutions, speech recognition and self-service solutions.

Since I started as a consultant I have had focus on WFM and WFM-solutions. I also provide a Contact Center Management seminars with focus on WFM, Erlang C calculation and the importance of working with proper and corresponding goals for the CC, the teams and team leaders and of course the agents.

I also help my customer evaluate which systems they need for their Contact Center and Customer Experience software and also work as a implementation project leader.

2. Ok sounds cool, so now I'd like you to impress me with your expertise.

I think a Contact Center leader always have to focus on these two areas when managing a Contact Center. The first one is never to forget there is customer on the telephone line, in the chat forum or behind the mail. It´s the customer’s perspective you have to deal with, in other words “the outside in perspective”.

The second area is that you as a CC-leader have to have focus on several very different questions at the same time and never forget that no one is more important than another. I often talk about it is to play several matches at the same time but on different playgrounds.

The first playground is about queuing time, waiting time, service Levels and so on.

The second playground is Customer service and experience. Which quality and skills the agents need to handle the customer and that the routines are up to date so your CC could deliver excellent customer experience.

3. When you're not working, what do you like to do?

When I want a break from working me and my wife drive to the south east of Skåne and spend a good time in our summer house there.

A good movie or of course some football match from the European major leagues give me a good break from daily business..

4. Tell us who do you learn from/follow/admire professionally or personally and why?

What I have said above about the efforts of being a Contact Center leader could be concluded in this way:

“Call Center Management is the art of having the right number of skilled people and supporting resources in place at the right times to handle an accurately forecasted workload, at service level and with quality” by Brad Cleveland, ICMI (International Customer Management Institute).

Since my first step into the Call and Contact Center world I have been admire Brad based on his “know how” and his “know how” from the entire Contact Center area.

Today as a Sr. consultant I try to have a professional network with highly skilled people who I could share ideas, have professional discussion about questions in the CC-area.

5. Anything else you'd like me to know?

Well I think I was one of the pioneers that bought and installed a WFM-systems in Sweden! And have it up and running from day one more than twenty years ago. An ending, at the summers when there are sunny days I drive a small Mazda Miata Cabrio.