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Birgitta Thörn
Customer Success Advisor

Take a first meeting with me as an Customer Success Advisor?  Give me a call at +46 73 503 63 82 or email me birgitta.thorn@@effectly.se

1. So in plain language, what do you do exactly?

As Customer Success Advisor i work with supporting organizations to become more customer-centric and with behavioral changes that are sustainable. I have extensive experience in training and coaching teams, team leaders and managers in tactics and how employees can alter the behavior of customer service. I have a great strength when it comes to creating simple solutions to complex problems.

I am convinced that motivated and committed employees are essential for businesses to reach their goals and become sustainably successful. But that's easier said than done..

2. Ok sounds cool, so now I'd like you to impress me with your expertise.

I'm good at seeing the big picture, get employees and managers involved and get to lasting behavioral change. I have worked with behavioral change at the customer level in 35 years.

Today, I can help you based on this knowledge.

I has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, first 20 years in the fitness industry since 12 years in the weight-loss industry. I co-founded Itrim 2003. Itrim has been the Gazelle four years in a row (2011-2014) and became in 2011 the year's Franchise systems in Sweden. That same year, named this year's female star in EOY. Itrim is the global leader in weight loss and has a broad expertise with over 65 centers and 70,000 members since its inception. Itrim facilities in Sweden, Germany, USA and China.

3. When you're not working, what do you like to do?
For me, running is a passion and to run the marathon. Did Stockholm last year and are up for Berlin marathon this year. Of course to hang out with family & friends.

4. Tell us who do you learn from/follow/admire professionally or personally and why?
My role model are Robin Sharma, for his great inspiration in terms of personal development and Stefan Einhorn, is a physician, professor and author talking about ETICS and the art of being kind. Even Kjell Enhager talking about the difference that makes skill spirit is you and Magnus Kull which is probably the most experienced NLP coach in the Nordics. Magnus is also a co-author of hit book "Why the gras is growing" which has sold nearly 100,000 copies.

5. Anything else you'd like me to know?
I am a positive human being.