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Introducing XM - Experience Management

Care for people. Care for the future.

Start with a Growth Stack of Net Promoter Software, emotional analytics, and real-time customer and employee insight and action. Where customers pay more, stay longer and recommend your brand to family, friends, and colleagues.

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Everything you need to deliver more WOW! moments.


“Everything we do at Effectly is to inspire and lead people to create passionate and authentic experiences - in every interaction and conversation. The result is a world with more wow moments and happiness.”

Maria Thörn, Effectly
Co-Founder & COO

Customer experience isn’t mystery shoppers, or static surveys

Sending the odd survey, spying on your own company, and using yesterday’s data to serve today’s customers isn’t good enough.

Limiting yourself to mystery shoppers, or static survey data means

No trust building / no brand loyalty.

You need to create a connection to earn it. That connection happens when you listen to their stories and respond to today’s customers across touchpoints - today. 


No keeping your at-risk customers.

When your customer faces a challenge - that’s an opportunity to win them over. Respond too late and they become your competitor’s customer.


No recommendations.

If you don’t know who your happiest customers are today - You miss your chance to get an influential recommendation.

Learn how Effectly is so much more than just a survey tool

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We are a customer-centric pharmacy

With Effectlys approach to customer centricity and the Voice of the Customer, we work with both the customers, employees and the technology to achieve results.

Fredrik Kullberg,
Chief Marketing Officer, Apotek Hjärtat AB

Listen To, Understand, And Act On Your Customer And Employee Stories

With Effeclty’s XM Transformation Program...

You will have meaningful exchanges with your customers,
in real-time, and across every important touchpoint, and..

You’ll understand how each customer feels, what motivates them, and how to best serve them - at any moment.


You will build that deep trust and brand loyalty... 


...keep your at-risk customers from churning


And they will recommend your company to everyone
they know.

Driving these results?
your employees.

When you can really listen to and analyze your employee’s feedback...

you can quickly make changes to help them serve your customers better and faster.

Your employees will then feel empowered to do a great job, hence, love their job, be motivated to engage with each customer, and go above and beyond to “wow” them.


Your brand promise is now

Making all of this possible: The Qualtrics XM Platform

- a world-leading SaaS platform trusted by major brands that you know.

The XM Platform is always listening to your employees and customers…


customer-centric-company---customer-experience-advisors---effectly---analyzing-dialogue Analyzing
customer-centric-company---customer-experience-advisors---effectly---delivering_sentiment_analyses Delivering sentiment analyses
customer-centric-company---customer-experience-advisors---effectly---Identifying_the_customers_and_touchpoints_that_need_your_attention_now Identifying the customers and touchpoints that need your attention now
customer-centric-company---customer-experience-advisors---effectly---and_providing_a_way_to_quickly_respond And providing a way to quickly respond.

we help you implement and configure The XM Platform to execute on your XM Transformation Program

But the most valuable part of all: your very own Success Advisor

The reason this program provides lasting and quantifiable results: ongoing coaching long after your program is in place.

Your Effectly Success Advisor helps you to:

Keep your brand, employees, and products or services
aligned with your customer.
Keep up with your always-changing customers - perfectly. customer-centric-company---customer-experience-advisors---effectly---Keep_up_with_your_always-changing_customers_perfectly
Set, measure, and exceed new customer-centric KPI’s. customer-centric-company---customer-experience-advisors---effectly---set_measure_and_exceed_new_customer-centric_KPIs

So, the Effectly way is way more than just a survey tool.

It’s a comprehensive program:

Expert guidance...


... leading technology...


...and dedicated advisors.

Everything you need to become the customer-centric company you want to be...

...from a team that has over 10 years driving Customer Centricity in a number of sectors including…

  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Health & Fitness
  • Energy
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Banking & Finance
  • Car Dealers
  • Travel & Experiences
  • Fine-Dining Restaurants & Fast Food
  • ...among other.
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“...if you want that next sale - if you want people to recommend you - if you want to keep your customers - then, you will learn to deliver superior customer experience. That’s the only way to compete effectively. That’s the only way to get a sustainable advantage in the age of the customer.

- Harley Manning, VP, Forrester